140818 A Pink’s Mini Diary - Eunji’s Birthday.

Happy Birthday Eunji! We love you!

NJ: on the exterior she might seem boyish but she has a soft side unique to her too. She’s hiding it too much.



Happy Birthday to Busan girl, Jung Eunji~~ Thank you for all your hardworks that make Apink being known like now… :))

NE:  In real life, she is like the omma-style.


CR: Eunji has shown many boyish sides in her dramas. Many people think that she’s like that. However in real life she is really feminine.


BM: It seems like she doesn’t know she’s feminine. Her Knitting, cooking, drawing, makeup skills are really good. She’s a really charming girl as you see it.


(Source: hyerimed)


14.08.18 Happy Birthday to our shining star Jung Eunji!!  (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧